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Project Description
A logging library based on ELMAH to simplify security logging like the following:

1) Introduction

MvcSecurityLogging is a security logging library based on ELMAH.MVC. It simplifies security logging and produces logs with detailed information (Just like ELMAH) and in a analyzing friendly fashion (By supplying a hierachical type code to each log type).

With this package, you can produce logs simply like the following:


And you can see the results through ELMAH handler.

2) Setting Up and Using

You can install and use this project through nuget or manually.

2-1) Installing by nuget

Simply run the following command:

Install-Package MvcSecLog

2-2) Installing manually

As this project is dependent on ELMAH, you must install Elmah.Mvc and its version should be >= 2.1.2. Then just add a reference to MvcSecurityLogging.dll and you're almost done.

2-3) Using MvcSecurityLogging

After installing, producing logs is as easy as the following:


Where <Method> is one of the logs you want to produce like:


And you can view its results by ELMAH handler which is elmah by default (http://yours/elmah).

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